I'm a Boston-based Creative Director with nearly 20-years of experience creating, developing, and supporting products and brands. I am also a father of two, recent snowboard addict and I can't get enough iced coffee.

Currently, you'll find me working at Swirl, creating an industry-leading mobile presence platform. Previously, I worked at Boston-based Backupify (acquired by Datto) as the lead UX/UI designer for their website overhaul, Salesforce integration and Google tools. Before that, I was the Creative Director at Santa Monica based BeachMint (merged with Lucky Magazine) and was responsible for the creation, development and continued support for many of their brands.

Aside from the small sampling of work you'll find on this site, I've also directly worked with the companies, VC's and brands you see below as an independent contractor.

If you have any questions or just feel like saying "Yo!", feel free to smash any of those tiny icons at the bottom of the page.